Office Hours  = Tuesdays  3:30 -4:00

Supply List
$10.00 Lab fee - 3 Ring Binder just for "Science" - Lined paper
Composition book - pencils - red pen - colored pencils - ruler with one side metric
- scissors - dry erase markers
Medical Detectives Supply List
  1.5" binder - graph paper - thumb drive - divider tabs - colored pencils - pencils, pens

Classroom Expectations

Welcome to Science!  I want to help you succeed and enjoy science so here are some things that will help us all be more successful!

            1.  Come to class preparedBring a pencil or pen, a notebook with paper and your textbook.  I have a pencil you may borrow, however, remember to return it.  I will accept assignments in pencil, or blue or black ink.  colored pens are only allowes when grading papers.

            2.  Participate and work during class timeComplete all your assignments by the due date. Late assignments will not be accepted for full credit, if accepted at all.  There will be due dates for various things all of your life.  Learning how to meet them in a timely manner is a very good strategy to have.  It improves success and releaves stress.

             3.  If a student does not have an assignment, I may or may not accept it late depending on extinuating circumstances.  Usually, it will result in a 'zero'.

            3.  Do your own work.  Cheating will not be tolerated.  There is a time for group work and a time for independent work.  Learn the difference.

            4.  Use common sense and responsibility.  When entering the room, quietly go to your seat and begin your warm-up.  Stay in your seat unless you need to sharpen your pencil.  Use your book and notebook to help yourself with the warm-ups.

            5.  Treat each other with respect and courtesyKeep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.  Also, there are many things that can be broken or ruined.  Some of which would not be replaceable.  

            6.  Do not bring food or pop into this classroom, however, you may bring water in a clear container.

Grades will be based on tests, homework and class participation.  The following scale will be used.

            90% - 100%- A
            80% - 89% - B
            70% - 79% - C
            60% - 69% - D
            0%  - 59% - F 

All papers need to have a heading in the upper right hand corner:   NAME (First and Last)



Safety comes first. 
Do not touch any lab equipment you have not been instructed to use.  You are expected to work with your partner(s) only.  Do not touch any one else's experiment.  Improper behavior during lab time will result in a zero for that experiment and other consequences may occur. 

To allow you to do anything that will interfere with your success would not be fair.  Therefore, there are consequences for poor choices. 

            Visiting, sleeping, cussing or any other classroom disruptions during work time is not allowed.  You will have one free warning to remind you of what is acceptable behavior.  The second warning will have consequences such as rules or whatever I deem appropriate for that behavior.  The third will give you more severe consequences; perhaps a phone call to your parents is in order.  If I, as the instructor, determine the behavior is completely inappropriate, I reserve the right to bypass the disciplinary system mentioned above and send the student directly to the office or take other action. 

Lets make our time together productive and enjoyable!

Homework is always due the following day unless otherwise noted.

There may be adjustments to daily work, depending on the needs of the students.


The district offers CTE opportunities for students without regard to race, color, national origin, gender or handicap. The district provides an assurance that lack of English skills will not be a barrier to admission or participation. Pueblo County School District 70 does not unlawfully discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, or handicap (disability) in admission or access to, or treatment, or employment in its education programs or activities. Inquiries about ADA, Section 504, and Title IX may be addressed to the Superintendent of Schools, 24951 East Highway 50, Pueblo, Colorado 81006. 719-542-0220