7th Grade Science
 week of Oct.16
Read pg. 9-13

 Read pg 13-15
sec.rev. pag. 15 #
 Read pg.18-20 .  
 Cell Theory quiz
 Read pg. 20-24
s.r. pg. 24 #1,2,3,5
 Pg. 22-24 24 #1,2,3,5
 vocabulary pg. 34
Week of Oct. 30
 Cells Under the microscope
  Read pg. 26-32 

sec.rev. pg. 32 #1,3,5,6
  Ch. Rev. pg. 35 #10-18, 21, 25
pg. 37 #1-5
  Week of Nov.6
 Review Ch. 1
 Video "Inside a Cell"
  Ch. 1 TEST
pg. 66 vocabulary
Read pg. 47-54
  Week of Nov. 13
sec. rev. pg. 54 #1,2,3,4
Energy in Cells
  Microscope Lab #2
 7th grade field trip
6th Grade Science
 week of
Oct. 16

Read pgs 9-14

 Review Earth's systems
answer questions on page 14 #2,3,4,5
 Read pg 43-48
sec.rev. pg. 48 #1,2,3,4
Introduce Minerals
 week of
Read pg. 50-57
section rev. pg. 57 #1,2,3,4
set up Crystal Lab

 Review Minerals
Check crystal Lab and answer conclusion questions

 Week of Oct. 30
 Read pg. 60-66 sec. rev. pg. 66
  pg. 68 vocabulary
  Finish pg. 68 Vocabulary
 Week of Nov. 6
 pg. 69 Ch. rev.
pg. 71 Standardized Test #1-8
Mineral Lab
  Gizmos Mineral Lab
 Review Minerals
 Week of Nov. 13
  Read pg. 75-80
sec rev. pg 80 #1,2,3,4,5
  Draw, color and label the Rock Cycle
 Read pg. 82-87
sec.rev. pg. 87 #1,2,3,5,6
 Weeek of Nov. 27
 Read pg. 89-95
sev.rev. pg. 95 #1,2,3,4


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